Upgrade to NewGenLib 3.0.4 R2 U2 from NewGenLib 3.0.3 (U5,U4,U3,U2,U1), 3.0.4 R1 (U1,U2,U3)

Note: Before you start the upgrade procedure we strongly recommend you to take a backup of Postgresql(newgenlib) database.

Upgrade from NewGenLib 3.0.3 (U5,U4,U3,U2,U1), 3.0.4 R1, 3.0.4 R1 (U1,U2,U3) to NewGenLib 3.0.4 R2U1. Please follow the following steps for upgrade
  • Make sure that NewGenLib Server (Apache tomcat server) is NOT running. You must terminate the Apache Tomcat Server process. Close all other applications also.
  • Download the Upgrade from here.
  • Extract NGL303_To_304R2U2. You can extract it anywhere on the server machine. We will assume that you extracted the file into C: drive
  • You will now see a directory named NGL303_To_304R2U2 in C: drive.
  • Open config.ini present in C:/NGL303_To_304R2U2/apache-ant-1.8.1/bin directory using Wordpad.

Edit the file as mentioned below

#Location of the directory in which your InstallNGL304R2U2 folder reside


#Directory path in which you installation NGL303 (U1/U2/U3/U3/U4/U5), 304 R1, 304 R1 U1,U2,U3. In the below example old installation directory is C:/NGL3


#IP Address of the server on which the database server is running.


#Database port number. In most of the cases it is 5432. This is the default port number for Postgresql


#Database connection details




Save this file after making these changes

  • In C:/NGL303_To_304R2U2 directory you will find a file named Upgrade.bat (For Linux server user Upgrade.sh), double click on it. This will perform the upgrade.
  • Start NewGenLib Server(Apache Tomcat).
  • This update needs re-indexing. Go to C:/Indexer and double click on RunIndex.bat file. This will recreate Solr Index. That's it.

Note: Those migrating from earlier versions(prior to 3.0.4 Release Update 2) to 3.0.4 Release Update 3 and later must run the sql file OneTimeQuery.sql. This file is present in ../apache-ant-1.8.1/bin of your upgrade installation files. Use either psql or pgadmin3 to execute the sql statements present in OneTimeQuery.sql