Company Profile

We are an organization by the name Verus Solutions Private Limited (VSPL) based at Hyderabad. We offer a cost-effective web-based library and information networking solution to scientific research and development, and academic institutions through our Software Solution, NewGenLib.

The software supports Digital Library Functionality. Importantly, we use contemporary web technologies and recent metadata and interoperability standards and web protocols.

VSPL takes Research and Development as an important and continuous activity as innovation and Upgradation of Technology and Functions change. We interact with our customers very closely and as our number of implementations is increasing, some of the world’s Best Library Management Practices are today ingrained in NewGenLib. This change is to enhance and sharpen the functioning of Libraries as we move from the classical transactions oriented Libraries to the contemporary and Service Oriented Information Centres of Excellence.

VSPL has a dedicated team focused only on the future of the product. Their track record proves that there is a higher version released in every interval.