Version 3.0.3 Update 4

New features and Bug fixes:

  1. OPAC login through Email id: Your users can now login into their OPAC through their registered Email Id. This is a convenience for your users as they need not remember their library card number or user id. Users can still login with their user id also
  2. IP based security: Apart from login based security now IP based security is additionally added. The system will now check both for correct login that too from an authorised IP.
  3. End-of-day process now available in the librarian interface itself: End-of-day process is now moved into NewGenLib Librarian Application. This removes the necessity to deploy a separate End-of-day process application. This is still in beta release. NGL OSS development team will be adding more features to this facility in the coming releases.
  4. Multi-lingual templates: In Primary cataloguing you know that you can create your own templates. From this update onwards you can create language variants of the same template. For example: A template for book can exist both in English as well as Greek. If your chosen language is Greek then Greek templates (if available or by default English templates will be loaded) will be loaded
  5. Heavily used material report is now updated to include the usage of the reference material. Reference material usage was introduced in the previous update
  6. Suggestive lists: In Primary cataloguing a new feature called "Suggestive lists" is added. This helps up in speeding up primary cataloguing. You can define your own suggestive list for every sub field. For example: You can create a suggestive list for "Relation to work" of Joint author. This suggestive list can contain values Editor, Compiler, Illustrator, and Translator. During cataloguing you can now press F6 and select the terms instead of typing the whole term
  7. Enhanced Circulation Privilege Matrix: You now allow a patron category to check out multiple copies of the same title. Earlier update has also introduced "Overall Loan Limit"(Global Loan Limit)
  8. You can now override over dues from "Collect Overdue": Even if you have missed overriding overdue during Check in, you can still override it at "Collect Overdue" functionality
  9. Statistics page in OPAC reintroduced: Statistics page in OPAC is now available in My Library menu.
  10. Bug fix: Bug in Reserve item of OPAC is now fixed
  11. Define you own SMS provider's gateway: You can now buy bulk SMSs from your favourite SMS provider and configure those settings in SMS_URL file in C:/NewGenLibFiles/SystemFiles directory
  12. Define your own SMS/Twitter message templates: In C:/NewGenLibFiles/FormLetterTemplates directory there is new directory called messages. In that directory all the SMS/Twitter message templates are available. You can customise them.