Version 3.0.4 R2 U1

Introduction of QR Codes
You can now generate QR codes for your New Arrival collection through NGL WorkBench. Users can now scan the QR codes with their Smart phones (Supported by all major smart phones running on Android, iOS(iPhone) and Windows ) to see details/reviews on the new arrival.
Libraries may extend QR codes for the whole collection also.

The development team did a major over-hauling of the Acquisitions module. All the sub functionalities in Acquisitions module have under gone major changes. The below is the summary of changes
1. Batch actions introduced: You can now approve multiple user requests (Suggestions by users for new publications), on-approvals, process gifts, process quotations in a single click.
2. Batch import functionality: You can now batch import a list of user requests received from departments, on-approvals from vendors, and Gifts from CSV files. This will ease your data entry.
3. Customized work flows for processing user requests: You can now define a workflow for each user category. The user request gets processed according the workflow. The user can also customize the workflow at the time of posting a request.
"Send back for comments" action is now introduced in every work-flow step. This is in addition to Approve and Reject actions .
4. Processing a batch of Accession numbers in a single click at the time of accessioning.
5. All form letters are now easily customizable. Free marker template engine is now applied to all sub functionalities in Acquisitions
Note: Libraries using the earlier version of Acquisitions are requested to contact support team to migrate their old Acquisitions data.

NGL AutoEOD executes database maintenance. This will speed up the database process. This also avoids manual intervention to do database maintenance

In Circulation, renewal date generation is now customization. In General Setup Parameters you can define whether renewal date must be generated from the current date(date of renewal) or from due date (by default)

In NGL Desktop Reports, two new reports are added.
1. Circulation -> List Overdue material in demand. This report lists only those over due items that have reservations on them
2. Circulation -> Requests for check-out
A new utility "Re-associate Accession number to another Catalogue record" is introduced.