Version 3.0.4 Release 1

Bug fixes

1. In Administration -> Configure System: Right Circulation Privilege Matrix functionality opens from both tree menu and the drop down menu

2. Overall loan limit bug is fixed

3. Prepare customized list of tiltes -> Department wise reports bug is fixed

4. In Update Holdings, Budget Ids and Departments are displayed in a sorted fashion

5. After preparing No dues certificate the GUI is cleared properly

6. In Queries->Circulation->Verify Patron details, after sorting the table, the patron photos are displayed correctly

7. Now User Information utility and Item information utility display the id of library staff that performed the transaction

8. In Renewals, due date is now editable

9. The display of circulation privileges in User Information utility is now fixed

10. Custom fields for Patron and Item are both saved in the buffer and displayed back before saving the same to the database

11. Patron photo of the previous patron is now cleared in Check out

12. Data is now appropriately cleared in Queries -> Circulation -> Circulation history of an item

13. Sub location in Primary Cataloguing screen are now sorted

Additional features in the new OPAC

1. The new OPAC is now based on a Java based template engine called Freemarker. Due to this the functioning of the new OPAC is more fast and efficient. All the OPAC pages are now template based
2. You can now design and develop you our themes and look and feel of the OPAC
3. The new OPAC is now more customisable
4. Library 2.0 features are now added: Users can now add their reviews on books, also tag the records and mark records as their favourites.
5. Both Library home page and Network home page are customisable
6. You can now have different search criteria as tabs. For example: One tab for Books and another for journals and so on. Even these tags and search criteria are customisable
7. Union Catalogue search is now more convenient. You can navigate to individual library home pages from network home page
8. Users can now save their queries. Also their searches in the session are saved.
9.  Pre-defined portal pages like Contact us and About us
10. Faceted searching now extended to Library (useful when multiple libraries are in the network), Sub location and Shelving location. Faceted searching like in early version is also available for authors, subjects, geographic names and material types
11. Users can now "Request for hold" for items that are available in the library. Earlier this functionality was available in Android application.
12. Extended My library functionalities