Install NGL 3.0.4 Release 1 nightly build released on August 30th 2012

  1. Close all applications. Especially the NGL Server (Apache Tomcat Server)
  2. Download the nightly build from here
  3. The above link will download a file called Extract the file anywhere on your hard disk. This will result in a directory called NB
  4. Go to NB/apache-ant-1.8.1/bin. In this directory you will file named Config.ini. Open this file using Wordpad
  5. Edit the key-values in this file carefully. Most of them are defaults and you can leave them as it is. However it is advised to go through them. 
(Leave this as C: for Windows. For Linux remove C: and put  /usr)
(IP address of the database server.)
(port number of the database server.)
(Database user name)
(Database password)
(Database name)
  1. Save the Config.ini file
  2. Now go to NB directory. You will find a file named Update.bat (For Linux users Double click on it to start the update process.
  3. A terminal window (Black colour window) will open and display the progress. It will close automatically after the upgrade is complete
  4. Start NGL Server (Apache Tomcat) and see the changes