How to integrate your local NGL Database with NGL UC

Integrating your local NewGenLib Catalogue with a NGL Union Catalogue Server is very simple

Step 1: Make sure you are using NGL 3.0.3 Update 5 or later

This integration feature has been introduced from NGL 3.0.3 Update 5. Hence if you are using an older version, upgrade it right away.

Step 2: Create file in your NGL Server

a. Download this sample

b. Place this file in C:/NewGenLibFiles/SystemFiles directory. If you are on Linux then place this file in /usr/NewGenLibFiles/SystemFiles directory

c. Now Open this file that is in C:/NewGenLibFiles/SystemFiles directory using Wordpad

You will find the below parameters


Suppose you are running your NGL UC server on a system with

IP Address

Port of NGL UC Server is 8080 (which is default)

The Id assigned to your library is 4 in NGLUC Server and the password is abc

The periodicity with which you want to synchronise your local NGL Data with NGL UC is 2 hours (2 * 60 minutes *60 seconds) = 7200 Seconds

Then you must loook like below


d. Save this file.

e. Restart your NGL Server. Make sure that your NGLUC Server is running. You will automatically see that records (in the server window) are uploaded to the server