How to install Nightly builds for version 3.0.3?

1. Download the latest nightly build from this link
2. This will download a file named web.war
3. Stop NewGenLib Server (Apache Tomcat Server). THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.
4. Now remove the web.war file available in C:/NewGenLibFiles (In Linux /usr/NewGenLibFiles)
5. Go to apache-tomcat-6.0.32/webapps directory. Here you will find a directory newgenlibctxt. Delete this directory also.
5. Place the web.war downloaded in Point 2 in the directory C:/NewGenLibFiles (In Linux /usr/NewGenLibFiles)
6. Start NewGenLib Server and also open you NewGenLib client to see the bugs fixed.

Bugs fixed/Features added

1. "Other books in the rack" is only visible on the server. On the clients it displays "Page cannot be displayed". This problem is solved
2. Reservations problem in OPAC is fixed