Installation on Ubuntu

System works with Ubuntu 9.04 and above. However it may even work on the older versions of Ubuntu also. This installation notes is written with Ubuntu 10.04 in reference.
1. Install Postgresql 8.3, Postgresql-8.3 contrib, pgadmin3 using Synaptic Package Manager.
2. Download Java SE JDK 6.0 (NOT 7.0) from this link and install it.
3. Download NGL3 from this link. This will download a file Extract this file into your home directory. This will create a directory InstallNGL3.0

Installation of NGL 3.0
1. Make the InstallNGL3.0 Directory and all its contents read/write/execute using chmod 777 ..../InstallNGL3.0 -R
2. Create a directory NewGenLibFiles in /usr directory and also make that directory read/write allowed
3. Open terminal and switch user to postgres (which is created when you installed postgres)
sudo -s
Logs you in as root
su - postgres
Logs you in as postgres
4. create a user newgenlib with a password newgenlib
createuser newgenlib -P newgenlib
5. Now go to InstallNGL3.0/apache-ant-1.8.1/bin directory. Carefully edit it.
6. Open terminal.
export JAVA_HOME=..........path where you installed java.........
......../InstallNGL3.0/apache-ant-1.8.1/bin/./ant UpdateWholeRec -f Instalation.xml
This will install all the necessary files of NewGenLib
7. Now to run apache tomcat server, Open terminal
export JAVA_HOME=..........path where you installed java.........
{ path as given in config.ini}/apache-tomcat-6.0.32/bin/./ run

Thats it, to check opac http://localhost:8080/newgenlibctxt
To launch librarian's client http://localhost:8080/newgenlibctxt/LaunchApplication This will download a file LaunchApplication, open it with {your jdk path}/jre/javaws/javaws binary file

All your clients can be in Windows


Thanks Verus Solutions. The tutorial on installing under Ubuntu was very helpful.