Android Application supports the following features for the users

  1. Search the collection
  2. See the details of the records as well as their availability
  3. Reserve items
  4. Request for check-out
  5. View their transaction history
  6. View their current check outs and also renew them
  7. View their current reservations and also cancel them
  8. View their current requests for check-out and also cancel them
  9. List of new arrivals
  10. Login using their Library card number/Email id

Verus Solutions has started "NewGenLib Adaptation Program". You may also recommend this program for other libraries.

What is "NewGenLib Adaptation Program"?
This program is for libraries which are planning to automate their libraries in just 4 days. This is time-bound program. The duration of this program is 32 hours (4 - days). And it is very simple. There are schedules for this program. If you strictly follow the schedule you will fully automate your library in just 4 days. You will be visually observing your users' (and management) satisfaction and praise for library services.

What should you do to enroll to this program?
Scroll down and fill in your details. You may also share this page with libraries that are planning to implement library automation.

What happens after enrollment?

Are you thinking about using NewGenLib as your ILS?

If yes, you must be wondering how to start and where to start.



Step 1: Firstly we request you to drill down through the features and functional modules of NewGenLib.

Because we want you to first be convinced that you are going to use the best Integrated Library System. We want you to believe that this Library system is going to be your honest friend for rest of your life. If you have any doubts regarding the features, technology or anything please send us an email to